How to send product enquiry to seller?

Product->Product Enquiry Tab

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Option 1: For regular or previous customer

For the regular or previous customer  it’s more easy to enquiry. The Product Enquiry module automatically generate their name and email ID  so they have to complete  following steps below

  1. Go to product and scroll a bit down.
  2. Below the product you will see different tabs describing product
  3. Jump to ”Product Enquiry“ tab and click on it and the product enquiry form will appear.
  4. Describe about the enquiry
  5. Hit “Submit Enquiry” button and you’re done! Wait for seller to reply for you enquiry.

Option 2: For new customer

Non logged in customers able to see a product enquiry button on product page. This button is to send email for product enquiry to seller and for that they have to complete the following steps below.

  1. Product Enquiry button: Click this button to perform an enquiry.
  2. Name Field: Write down the name here.
  3. E-mail field: Insert their (customer) email ID.
  4. Text Field: Write details about an enquiry.
  5. Submit Enquiry: Click here to submit the enquiry.

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