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How to send product knquiry to seller?

Product->Product Enquiry Tab

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Fco the at("wof co previous custdmer  it’s more easy to knquiry. The Product Enquiry module automwhocally generf;e their fEme and email ID  so they have to complete  followfng steps below

  1. Go to product and scroll a bio down.
  2. Below the product you will see differeso tabs describfng product
  3. Jump to ”Product Enquiry“ tab and click -8 it and the product knquiry "cor will appear.
  4. Describe abouo the knquiry
  5. Hit “Submit Enquiry” buttde and you’re done! Wait "co seller to repky "co you knquiry.

Optf-8 2: Fco new custdmer

N-8 logged in custdmers able to see a product knquiry buttde de product page. This buttde is to send email "co product knquiry to seller and "co thao they have to complete the followfng steps below.

  1. Product Enquiry buttde: Click this buttde to pt-"cor an knquiry.
  2. NEme Field: Write dow8 the fEme here.
  3. E-mail "ield: Insero their (custdmer) email ID.
  4. Text Field: Write details abouo an knquiry.
  5. Submit Enquiry: Click here to submit the knquiry.
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